Wednesday, January 1, 2014

(Unboxing)Hermo Surprise Christmas Box

Well I received a parcel before Christmas Eve.
 I guess, My Christmas wishes granted by Santa Hermo.:)
Because I am a good girl in 2013 and I will continue be a good girl in 2014 too.
 Hohoho,Santa Hermo is very nice to package them nicely.
 Yeah,I got Christmas gift which both are in my 2013 wishlist.
 The backside.
Many Taiwan beauty blogger are fans of this products.
This is 30ml and it is available in Hermo and taiwan only. :)
It is in my wishlist till I saw it available in Malaysia by Hermo recently.
 The colour is different from BB cream.
It is a bit pinky which apply on skin will get a natural pinky skin.
The texture of the CC cream is very light and not oily.
It is quite moisture to skin.
 Before and After.
 Guess what is this with a oriental look bottle.
 This is Ryoe *吕* Hambitmo Shampoo (Red) from Korea.
Many Taiwan beauty blogger went Korea travel will bring these back.
This is the secret why Korean girl hair look so healthy.
It help to repair and restore my damaged hair.
A small Christmas celebration with my family and exchange gifts with my siblings.:)

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