Wednesday, January 22, 2014

(Review) Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser

Yeah, my first review on January 2014. 
Hope more review chance will be there waiting for me:)
Finally I get a great chance to review on this new Neuzell Oxygene Bubble Cleanser.
Thank Mabel Yan from Hishop sending me this product.
I been try out Korea oxygen bubble cleanser which actually impress me a lot.
I am happy to review this Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser. 
 Do you know that clean our skin is the most important  tips to get great skin?
Although some girl not really makeup everyday but we also have to clean our skin because the pollution of air with all the dust will affect our skin condition.
I think this 6 in 1 Bubble Cleanser make our life easier.
The effect of the cleanser is great and easy to use. 
We have no excuse not to clean our skin anymore. :)
 Let me do a easy experiment to test out the cleansing effect using my simple makeup products.
 It is so easy to use:)
After I apply on my hand and I message the makeup area there are many tiny bubbles that help to remove all the makeup.
However, it is quite difficult to remove the Mascara, you have to message it a few times and clean with water again.
I think this is suitable to remove light makeup.
If you want to remove makeup like Mascara or Lipstick you should consider Eye Remover or Lip Remover to clean better.
 Firstly, I use a few drops and apply on my face.
Then, I message my face and there are many tiny and smooth bubbles help to clean my skin. OMG!!!!The smell is super nice and very refreshing. 
Finally, My satisfied clean face:)
 The cleansing effect is quite nice and the smell is very refreshing.
If you interested please go Hishop
It is only RM89.90 for 100ml +2 free sample+Free Delivery❤

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Exclusive RM20 rebate for your readers: NEUZELL14
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