Friday, July 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Dr Young Sprinkling Gel Cream! - 40 WINNERS!

Beauty Nerd is organise a giveaway sponsored by Sasa Malaysia:)
So she is going to give us about EIGHTY (80) tubes of Dr. Young Sprinkling Gel Creams!
And there will be 40 winners.
So faster goin the giftaways.

Giveaway rules:
1) Open to readers with a Malaysian address only.
2) Follow Beauty Nerd By Night via GFC
3) Like Beauty Nerd By Night on Facebook
4) Like Sa Sa Malaysia on Facebook

Join it here.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Liebster Award

Tagged by blogger Maple Shuh Hong, never meet her but she is a very friendly girl and hopefully I can meet her one day in any blogger events.
Seriously, I totally dunno what The Liebster Award is???
But I see some blogger really addicted to this.Tagging each other and I really skip all about this. Like a trend lol
But since I been tagged, I think I have to take a look. XD Holiday now and I have many extra time.

The Liebster Award

The Rules are : 
♣Post 11 random facts about yourself. 
♣Answer the 11 questions the awarding blogger has posted for you. 
♣Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers ) for the award and link them in your post. 
♣Let the bloggers you have nominated know they are nominated. 
♣No tag backs

11 Facts about ME❤
1. I like sushi but I hate salmon.
2. I super like strawberry cheese cake. I feel happy to see strawberry.
3. I will go Paris one day. Maybe.
4. I am poor. My wishlist is very long.
5. I like beauty products but I don't really use it everyday because I am lazy.
6. I read blog more than book.
7. I like pretty girl more than guys.
8. I really miss Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl.
9. I follow a lot pretty girl in Instagram.
10. I love my dad and mom.
11. I watch Sin-Chan for more than one hour using my handphone before I sleep.

Question by  Maple Shuh Hong
1. Do you know that there is this French kiss before u do so? What's your first reaction o this?
I dunno.
2. What is the camera model you are using currently?
Nikon D3000
3. cheese, chocolate, strawberry?
Strawberry is love.
4. Do you watch running man?
I watch latest episode every week. I am a running man super fan.
5. Who/what inspired you to blog? 
Rinka I want to share and record my happy life like her. But I am getting lazy.
6. What kind of blog style do you read on?Who is your favourite blogger? 
Mostly beauty blog include taiwan blog(my favourite).
My favourite blogger is Rinka. She looks happy and loves her life so much. 
7. Have you been join any blogger events before? Would you interest in joining any blogger events?
Never because all events is in KL no chance to go there too far and no money.
Yes hopefully Penang also have some events like The Butterfly Projects events. They already organize a lots party, movie party, spa party and I miss out a lot fun time to know more cute and fun bloggers.
8. What are you doing before you turn on your computer?
Check my email.
9. What is your own personal taboo to people about you? (I must make sure my fridge has only odd number of can drinks, David Beckham has this taboo, he would drink the cans if he found out even number)
Don't act like you are princess or prince and order me do this do that or be rude to me.
10. What do you not like about food? ( eg:I dun like to eat cheese, I will vomit whenever I taste them.  I like to cook but I dun like to wash dishes afterward)
Leave it there or ask other help me eat it.
11. Last question! erm....What is the fruits that you eat in your hostel?
Mostly Apple and I hate Orange.

My list of people I want to tag.(Take attention)
5. Ah Tay

My Questions for you!
1. What do you think about me? Explain.
2. What do you think about yourself? Explain.
3. What is your dream? Explain.
4. What is your wishlist? Explain.
5. Which country do you want to go? Explain.
6. Do you like sushi? Explain.
7. Do you like Penang or KL more?
8. Do you like rainy day? Explain.
9. Do you love your parents? Explain.
10. What is love? Explain.
11. Please post your latest self-photo. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unboxing Vanity Trove July 2013 Edition; Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE

I been waiting this parcel since end of June.
Finally, i got my parcel yesterday.
I feel so excited to open my very first beauty box.
I always want to try out beauty box but I never really make any payment to get myself one.
But last month I saw some blogger sharing about this July beauty box is about KOSE.
I really excited while waiting my KOSE beauty box.
I saw this banner before I make my payment. 
Haiz!!!!Online banking is a hate because I can shopping without outing. I thought I can save more during holiday but I still spending in HOME!!!!
Niu-Er is the KOSE ambassador & Taiwanese Famous Beauty Guru.
He has the best and fair skin compared to Malaysia male.( Sorry I am out of topic again==)
Vanity Trove beauty box is covered with KOSE. Vanity Trove crossover KOSE is ❤.
This beauty box is quite thick good enough to protect anything inside.
KOSE Forever radiant. Forever you.
 Tadaah!!!!Full of KOSE travel sample and a coupon with Niu-Er photo. :)
They send me a full travel size sample include some unknown brand sample.
 I like the purple paper cover the surprises inside the box.
 I think all this is anti-aging vs whitening products. Maybe?
 A closer and clearer shoot on all the products.
This include two small KOSE Eye Jelly, Clear up Wash, Cleasing Gel, Adcance Serum II, Essence Lotion II, Deep Production UV SPF50++++. 
They also send me a unknown brand sample and Jean Paul Eau De Tolitte(1ml).
Inside the box also include this cute coupon Free Trendy Pouch and Skin Consultation & Analysis with any purchase of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance items.

What do I think about this beauty box?
Since I am only pay RM50 for this box include postage I don't expect any full size products of KOSE because KOSE products seems expensive. I am quite satisfy with the travel size sample I can try out before I make any purchase. However, what dissapointed me is they don't give any info about the sample. I really dunno what is the functions and the prices of products. 

Do you think I will repurchased beauty box?
No!No!No! I don't think I will waste my money on beauty box anymore. Enough for the surprises. I should have control myself from buying this kind of want not need things. 

If you are interested to subscribe Vanity Trove Beauty box, please visit for details. 
And also follow their Facebook page, Follow them for more new info.

Disclaimer: This beauty box brought by myself and anything I said just my own opinion.

Monday, July 1, 2013


1. 讓自己習慣不舒服的感覺
時常把自己丟在全新的情境,習慣不熟悉的感覺,逼自己走出個人的舒適圈(comfort zone),逐漸消除面對陌生情境時的恐懼。
2. 偶爾要測試自己的極限
3. 吸收新知消除不確定感
4. 克服害怕失敗的恐懼
5. 甩開不必要的包袱


不知不觉就注册一周年了。注册一年了婚礼都还没办。传统的婚礼就是没有让人兴奋的地方。姐可以去Phuket旅行结婚吗?然后每天睡饱吃吃饱睡的行程。  慢慢地经过怡保去富山吃个早茶。富山的点心分量蛮大的。个人比较喜欢对面的铭阁比较古早味。富山有很多特别新型的点心。  这个...