Friday, August 15, 2014

(Review) Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

I love korean skin products especially those with natural ingredients. Natta Cosme so nice send me Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish from Klairs. It is a gentle type facial polish instead of normal facial scrub. It is made by natural ingredients such as black sugar,cranberry seed oil, shea butter and these ingredients not only can help removal of blackhead but also give moisture to our skin. However, we must finish it as fast as possible as it is made from natural ingredients. Klairs is made in Korea but we can get this in Natta Cosme(Malaysia).

Why I like it
It smell like ginger or herb and some brown sugar. This smell is extremely relaxing. I use it once a week during weekend. The main ingredients is black sugar and it can exfoliating my skin well. Usually,I don't use scrub but i am willing try out this as the ingredient is very natural. And, it also have my favourite shea butter which help to moisture my skin after exfoliating my skin. This is 60g in and this size is easy for me to bring out during travel. Although this is a korea products but it is user-friendly with english description on the bottle.

They also send me rich moist soothing sheet mask which I want to recommend to use after using the black sugar facial polish. The serum can be absorbed into the skin easily and makes the skin feel moisture and soft.
❤You can find more Klairs products in Natta Cosme. Do visit Natta Cosme for more details.

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