Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Online Shopping with Corpick

Guess what? I upgraded my online shopping level. I brought some home products from Corpick:) There are many interesting home products and they all look very quality.
Received this big box parcel after a few days after i made my order. So surprise never imagine that it will come in a big box.
Guess what i buy????
 The booklet and hand writting(in printing) look so class. Big love.
 I brought a set of blue mix with pink dinner set and 4 in a set sky dinner set. I like the textures and the design of these plate and come with mug,bowl and side plate in set. Now, my family all using this and we are happy with our meals. Look so nice:) At start,i plan to buy a beige colour dinner set but after i saw the sky dinner set i decided to buy the blue mix with pink dinner set to match with my sky dinner set.
They are quite quality and can use in microwave and dishwasher safe(i don't have a dishwasher yet) And the parcel keep in good ways during delivery all my dinner set come in safe.
Hope you all enjoy my online shopping sharing:) 

Corpick website: https://corpick.com/store
Corpick facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corpick

Singapore trip 2016 Part 1

我已经跟朋友从Singapore之旅回来了但是这篇怎么一直拖那么久:)  我真的有很认真想要记录我的旅行记。 从槟城去Singapore的飞机就差不多一个小时这样。 这次某人要去Johor一个医疗展所以我们不是飞Changi机场而是飞Johor机场。 到了Johor某人...