Saturday, October 18, 2014

(Review) Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Acaiberry)

Hi, it been a long time since i share something in my blog.Now i am busy with my work so everyday i just work and time goes so fast.Almost forget to share this mask which sent by hishop again for review.Again i would like to thanks hishop for giving me a great chance to try out this mask.If you know me well you will know i love mask so much becuase i am a lazy girl and i lazy to take care my skin everyday.Mask save my time and energy on take care of my face.
 Today,i gonna try out this Acai-berry mask.It is from the mediental botanic garden series mask. The smell of berry is not strong.It is more like a serum smell and the mask fit my face well. This is a tone up mask which can makes my skin moist and clear. Feel young after using this mask.
 Look at the mask,the mask paper have different textures and it is full of serum help my skin moist.
 It doesn't take a long time,just need 15-20 minutes end my weekly skin routine. After removed the mask do a simple face message to help the skin absorb the remains serum. My skin get brighter after using this and i feel relax doing a mask to treat myself after a long stress week.
 More details on the back of the mask.There are made in Korea but they have translation of English so i can understand well the mask.
More review on other mask. Stay tuned with my blog.

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