Monday, October 26, 2015

Latest Ladies Fashion Trends 2015

The fashion scene is always in and out with new trends and it can be difficult for fashionistas to keep track. It is seen that every single time we step out of the house, we realize that each individual have different fashion style. Some are rocking it with ease while some may have struggled a bit. For the ladies who are clueless on the latest ladies fashion trend in 2015 can definitely find below the three fashion pieces women cannot stay away from this year.

Off-shoulders are back!
For the ladies who are aiming to look sexy yet poise, the off shoulder or one shoulder clothing will be the perfect choice. Whether you are wearing an off-the-shoulder top or dress, it definitely reveals a flirtatious side out of you. Besides that, with off shoulder outfit, you do not have to think much about accessories. Leave your shoulders bare and feel that extra boost of sexiness.

If you have not realized, designers are creating hemlines of skirts and dresses which are flirty fun. The flounce hem is perfect for women to wear to the office, dinner parties, formal events or even on a date. It gives that sophisticated appeal and bold fashion statement. Why wear a pencil skirt when you have beautiful flounce hemline skirts instead.

 All white
White is a very dangerous colour to pull off especially if you are a clumsy type. However, the white fashion piece definitely helps you regain that sleek clean look effortlessly. It does not matter whether you are wearing a white jumpsuit, shirt, pant suit, dresses or tops,the all-white outfit appearance is a nice way to show your maturity in front of others while looking completely chic. Less is more as some people says.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

(Review) Cium Lipbalm

What is life? Life is full of love.Without love our life is not complete. Right?
Cium is a set of lipbalm with two different flavor specially created for lovers use together when kissing to enhance their relationship.
There is a sweet story about this Cium Lipbalm. There is an airline pilot based in Malaysia and he has a long distance relationship with his girlfriend who is also a pilot. His girlfriend is based in Manila and he always has to travel to meet her. On the way to meet his girlfriend, his lips always get cracked because the air on plane is dry and he need to use a lip balm to moisture his lip. But mostly Lipbalm is too oily for him or the taste is not good. Therefore, he decided to develop a kissing lip balm.
There are two flavor in set and each flavor is matching each other like a lovers. I tried Berry and Meeko flavor, both feel like Berry mix with chocolate flavor. Both flavor are very sweet and moisture my lip well. When two flavor mix together, they are matching each other. Recommend to sweet couple to use together for fun.
What if you are still single? You still can try this lip balm by using on your upper lip and bottom lip for each flavor. Good idea right? Faster add in your cart and try this out. You can purchase on this website or direct purchase when you onboard on Air Aisa flight.


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