Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Christmas Wish List for Santa Hermo

Dear Santa Hermo,
Hi Santa, I been waiting long time to write you this letter. 
I know I never met you but I believe there is a Santa in the world.
And I know Santa will read my letter because I am a good girl:)
So please do read my simple and short letter.
I really like it if you can bring me these things:

I want it since I saw many of the taiwan model are using this. 
This help to make them look good and pinky skin. I hope I can get this to look good too. 
But it is not available in Malaysia. I think only Santa can help to send me this.

I want have beautiful hair like the korean girl. I believe korea shampoo is the secret of the girl. I really hope Santa can help to send this from Korea.

Lastly if you want to get a Christmas gift from Hermo please write a wish list to Santa Hermo here.
How To Join?
1. Visit Hermo.com.my to see what you can buy for RM80!
2. Create your Christmas Wish List and linked the products so Santa Hermo knows what you're wishing for. It's up to you how you want to do this :)
3. To get Santa Hermo's attention, talk about Hermo's Christmas promotion on your blog! e.g share the Christmas poster :) your potential "admirers" might find it useful to start shopping for u *hahaha*.

Wishing starts from now until 14/12/13. From 17/12 - 24/12 Santa Hermo will delivery lucky bloggers their wishes!
Hermo Website: http://www.hermo.my
Hermo Instagram : Hermo.my

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