Wednesday, May 21, 2014


# is Malaysia’s first modern home and gift online store, started in 2011. They offering over 700 high-quality homeware and personal goods made from all around the world. It is specially designed and crafted with the principles of quality and affordability in mind. 95% of the products offered in Corpick Store is priced below RM500.00 and available exclusively only on Corpick Store in Asia. Corpick believes that nothing is more important than your home and the people around you. #

Good news!!!!
Corpick is giving out RM50.00 Gift Card to spend on anything in their store - with no minimum spend required. Just email and you too will receive a gift card! Limited to 250 Gift Cards only!

Let me show you some of the home goods I like.
A very funny facial expression cup:) Make me so happy look at this
I also in love with this Grand Bisque Vase
I love everything in white~
My favourite Alice Teapot gonna fill it with my favourite green tea mixed with roses
It is designed and produced in London,England and it is rare to get in Malaysia
A brain lamp which is special with the brain design
Wow,I think my sister will love this cat plate so much 
It is cute aww~
And you can also send a custom card by personalize your messages and thoughts by adding a collection of photos, styles, designs, drawings, writting or even a personal video.

Instagram: @corpickstore

Thursday, May 15, 2014

(Giveaway) 3-for-3 Giveaway by Carousell

Carousell is one of my favourite apps:) Now they are collaborate with Blu Inc Magazine to do a giveaway to encourage more people using their awesome apps selling your pre-loved stuffs. I believe girls love to shopping and selling pre-loved stuffs is one good way to sell away our pre-loved stuffs and free some space to continue shopping.Yeah!!!!! Let's join me in carousell and get a chance to win a 3 month magazine subscription for FREE!!!!! See is FREE!!!!!Believe it or not download the apps and lists out 3 items in the"For Her" or "Beauty Products" category and you will get 3 month supply of magazine.
3-for-3 Giveaway: List 3 items to get FREE 3 months subscription of fashion & beauty titles! (CLEO, Female, Eh! or Glam)
You can get the free subscription in 3 easy steps:
1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in)
2. Upload 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your
free subscription!
*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014.
Redemption code and instructions will be sent to users after 28 May

Sunday, May 11, 2014

(Review) éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask

Let me share about a new mask that I tried recently from Hishop. It is éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask formulated from France. I love hydration mask so so so much:) All my skincare is about hydration and hydration and hydration only. I personally think hydration is the most important to keep my skin soft and young. This mask also recommended by EH!, Female, NUYOU beauty magazines.
éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask series with unique design for five different skin types. This mask series contains the patented extract essence of SephyllaTM with the antioxidant effect of trehalose which moisturizes quickly, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration and to resists the signs of aging. Just give it 20 minutes, and it'll allow you to regain compact and tender flawless skin.
The mask series has a thin stucture, coupled with nano-infiltration technology, absorptive capacity increase up to 20 times. Hydra source is able to strengthen the skinOs natural defense towards dehydration.

 The mask is very thin and have many serum. I feel like the mask is my second skin. Why it can be so thin and i never try out any mask that is so thin like this one. Gladly,it don't have any weird smell and have cooling effects while I using this mask. My skin feel hydrated after using this mask and i think it have tighten my pores. I love it so much. It is recommended to use 3 times a week and continue use it for a month to get a clear effects.
After using the mask, I am ready to go out with my family:) Sunday always family day~
My overall rating for this mask is 4/5. 
I like it for the textures of the mask and the cooling effects is quite awesome during hot hot day. 
Do you want to try out?
 Good news to my readers. 
There is exclusive RM20 rebate by key in
***With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 July 2014

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

(Review)Shopping day with Mr.Lens

This is the collaboration review by The Butterfly Project & Mr.Lens:) You have no idea how much I love online shopping.❤ It is very easy and fast when I am out of lens Mr.Lens will be my choice to get my lens without go out. Today, I am gonna introduce you Mr.Lens from Malaysia. Mr. Lens is a swiss base company that sells and ship major brands contact lenses all over the world. They provide many choices of color contact lenses conveniently, efficiently and with free delivery within Klang Valley.
Tips: You can click the refill express if you want to repeat your past order***very fast and easy
Second step: Click My Account to create a account or sign in your account to start shopping:)
They are various choices and many discount available.:) Awesome!!!!!!You want colour lens?Daily disposable lens? or glasses? you can get everthing you want here~It is like a eye supermarket here~
After you decided what to buy click in
Step1: Choose your power and colour
Step2: Choose your quantity
Step3: Add to cart
Next step:Click checkout and pay for postage via online banking 
You need to key in your shipping address too:)
I do not need to key in again becuase this is my second times purchase so I just need to check out and pay postage~
Completed my order after paying the RM6 postage to west Malaysia:)
I also received email when my order completed and sent out~
After a few day I received my parcel via poslaju~
I received two boxes of ColourVue Starburst Green lens and a watermelon lollipop. So sweet of them~
I buy two boxes with different power for my left and right eyes.
It's contents is 45%water, 55% terpolymer immersed in sterile buffered saline solution.It is made in Korea and it is 3 months disposable. It is in high oxygen permeability so my eyes doesn't really feel dry and not comfortable after long time wearing it.
#more details photo
It is snake green.(My own description) Will it suitable me? This is my very first try on green lens. Usually I more prefer natural brown or grey. But never try never know.
#more details photo
#more details photo
Open it from side.
#more details photo
Look at the design of the lens. It is snake green with a black ring and it is very soft.
#No editing photo
The color still acceptable and look quite natural with the black ring. It is 15mm not too big and look very natural.
#Thanks for the shopping chance with Mr.Lens.
Never know I can wear green lens and look natural also. Somemore it is very comfortable:)
For more information, visit:
Mr.Lens Website:
Mr.Lens Facebook:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Review) Malaysia Military Tag

Hello Sunday!!!!!❤
This is a special review post on High Definition photo/logo(emboss available). Malaysia Military Tag ( provide customized military tag and this time I received is special military tag with customized photo and words on the tag. I received my order after a few day by pos daftar. Cheap postage and fast delivery.
 It is easy to have a customized military photo tag by upload your pretty photo and type your favourite quotes or words here:
 There are free color rubber cover for your military tag such as black,blue,yellow,red,grey,brown and different type of accessories such as free stainless steel keychain ring,15cm stainless steel ballchain and other with different price. I choose 15cm stainless steel ballchain and a black colour rubber cover without any cost but still very nice.
 I choose my long time ago photo haha and i think it helps to remind me to keep my hair long because I keep cut my hair short and i dunno why I do it. Aww I think i miss my brown colour hair too:)
 And a simple quotes to remind myself to keep on be myself. Yes,in a good way not in a bad way. Hope I will be a very positive and strong person.
 The black rubber cover is similar to a phone case, it helps to protect my military tag well:) Well done rubber case.
Hope you all enjoy this simple review on my own customized military tag. Is something new for me:) By the way,this is about RM32 excluded postage and accessories.


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