Monday, February 17, 2014

Sell pre-loved items in 30 seconds

I gonna introduce you all this apps 
I think this apps is great to save money :)
You don't have to eat kangkung to save money anymore *evil smile

This is a apps to sell of your pre-loved stuffs using your smart phone.
1)Download this apps "Carousell" at goggle play or app store
2)Register or sign up
3)Snap photo on anything you want to let go in a cheaper price 
do mention the condition of your stuff and all details of your stuff
4)List it and wait any buyer pm you
5)Done you had gain back some money from your pre-loved stuffs
6)Use your money to do some evil shopping ❤

In the same time you can also get your wishlist in lower price at carousell
For example you wanna buy some fashion clothes but you don't really wear it forever because fashion changes time from time then you can consider to buy pre-loved clothes from carousell
Some of the seller are let go their clothes after wear it one or two times so you can consider to save money by buying from them.

The products range of carousell is quite wide.
From HIM to HER and also books,music instruments and gadgets
Here some of the pre-loved items I gonna let go in Carousell :)
 Double Eyelid Sticker
Don't really need it so I just let go them 
I gonna let go of this Eau De Tolette  too since I have other  perfume
Follow me in my Carousell
My Carousell:

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