Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Review) Malaysia Military Tag

Hello Sunday!!!!!❤
This is a special review post on High Definition photo/logo(emboss available). Malaysia Military Tag ( provide customized military tag and this time I received is special military tag with customized photo and words on the tag. I received my order after a few day by pos daftar. Cheap postage and fast delivery.
 It is easy to have a customized military photo tag by upload your pretty photo and type your favourite quotes or words here:
 There are free color rubber cover for your military tag such as black,blue,yellow,red,grey,brown and different type of accessories such as free stainless steel keychain ring,15cm stainless steel ballchain and other with different price. I choose 15cm stainless steel ballchain and a black colour rubber cover without any cost but still very nice.
 I choose my long time ago photo haha and i think it helps to remind me to keep my hair long because I keep cut my hair short and i dunno why I do it. Aww I think i miss my brown colour hair too:)
 And a simple quotes to remind myself to keep on be myself. Yes,in a good way not in a bad way. Hope I will be a very positive and strong person.
 The black rubber cover is similar to a phone case, it helps to protect my military tag well:) Well done rubber case.
Hope you all enjoy this simple review on my own customized military tag. Is something new for me:) By the way,this is about RM32 excluded postage and accessories.

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