Sunday, May 11, 2014

(Review) éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask

Let me share about a new mask that I tried recently from Hishop. It is éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask formulated from France. I love hydration mask so so so much:) All my skincare is about hydration and hydration and hydration only. I personally think hydration is the most important to keep my skin soft and young. This mask also recommended by EH!, Female, NUYOU beauty magazines.
éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask series with unique design for five different skin types. This mask series contains the patented extract essence of SephyllaTM with the antioxidant effect of trehalose which moisturizes quickly, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration and to resists the signs of aging. Just give it 20 minutes, and it'll allow you to regain compact and tender flawless skin.
The mask series has a thin stucture, coupled with nano-infiltration technology, absorptive capacity increase up to 20 times. Hydra source is able to strengthen the skinOs natural defense towards dehydration.

 The mask is very thin and have many serum. I feel like the mask is my second skin. Why it can be so thin and i never try out any mask that is so thin like this one. Gladly,it don't have any weird smell and have cooling effects while I using this mask. My skin feel hydrated after using this mask and i think it have tighten my pores. I love it so much. It is recommended to use 3 times a week and continue use it for a month to get a clear effects.
After using the mask, I am ready to go out with my family:) Sunday always family day~
My overall rating for this mask is 4/5. 
I like it for the textures of the mask and the cooling effects is quite awesome during hot hot day. 
Do you want to try out?
 Good news to my readers. 
There is exclusive RM20 rebate by key in
***With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 July 2014

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