Saturday, April 19, 2014

(Review) In love with Heaven On Earth Lavender Floral Water

Aww finally end this stressful working week with lovely sunday:) I gonna review on this floral water which can help to reduce stress. Guess what?!! This is my favourite Lavender❤Arrgh i have a lavender handcream from Crabtree and a lavender pillow. Most of my skincare are in floral smell and this is my new collection from Heaven On Earth, Lavender floral water. Do you see how excited when I received this from Hishop?
Heaven On Earth is originated from UK and they offer 100% pure carrier oils and a range of natural essential oils and message oils such as primrose, rosemary and lemongrass, not to forget my favourite Lavender.
 This is an alcohol-free mist which can be used as a claming facial mist and a daily spray on your any part of your body or your pillow too. Every of my toner doesn't contain alcohol because I use toner daily and I believe toner with alcohol doesn't make my pores smaller but it will enlarge my pores.So if you are a smart girl please check for the ingredients before you buy a skincare.
 This is so convenient you can replace your toner with this floral water. You just have to spray and use your hand to pat a while to let the floral water to moisture your skin. I can save a lot of time and it is very refreshing and calm my stressful day.
You can also choose to spray on your pillow before sleep. It have a pleasing lavender smell which helps to calms the soul.The mist is colourless and it will not leave stain on your pillow so don't worry and start spray it and sleep like a boss!:) We need a good sleep to be energetic in next day to work hard.
This had become my night essential:)
It is RM69 150ml in Hishop.

Good news to my readers
Get RM20 rebate for any purchases above RM99 from HiShop!
Just key in the discount code: HEAVEN14 (Code expires on 31May 2014).

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