Thursday, May 15, 2014

(Giveaway) 3-for-3 Giveaway by Carousell

Carousell is one of my favourite apps:) Now they are collaborate with Blu Inc Magazine to do a giveaway to encourage more people using their awesome apps selling your pre-loved stuffs. I believe girls love to shopping and selling pre-loved stuffs is one good way to sell away our pre-loved stuffs and free some space to continue shopping.Yeah!!!!! Let's join me in carousell and get a chance to win a 3 month magazine subscription for FREE!!!!! See is FREE!!!!!Believe it or not download the apps and lists out 3 items in the"For Her" or "Beauty Products" category and you will get 3 month supply of magazine.
3-for-3 Giveaway: List 3 items to get FREE 3 months subscription of fashion & beauty titles! (CLEO, Female, Eh! or Glam)
You can get the free subscription in 3 easy steps:
1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in)
2. Upload 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your
free subscription!
*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014.
Redemption code and instructions will be sent to users after 28 May

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