Wednesday, May 21, 2014


# is Malaysia’s first modern home and gift online store, started in 2011. They offering over 700 high-quality homeware and personal goods made from all around the world. It is specially designed and crafted with the principles of quality and affordability in mind. 95% of the products offered in Corpick Store is priced below RM500.00 and available exclusively only on Corpick Store in Asia. Corpick believes that nothing is more important than your home and the people around you. #

Good news!!!!
Corpick is giving out RM50.00 Gift Card to spend on anything in their store - with no minimum spend required. Just email and you too will receive a gift card! Limited to 250 Gift Cards only!

Let me show you some of the home goods I like.
A very funny facial expression cup:) Make me so happy look at this
I also in love with this Grand Bisque Vase
I love everything in white~
My favourite Alice Teapot gonna fill it with my favourite green tea mixed with roses
It is designed and produced in London,England and it is rare to get in Malaysia
A brain lamp which is special with the brain design
Wow,I think my sister will love this cat plate so much 
It is cute aww~
And you can also send a custom card by personalize your messages and thoughts by adding a collection of photos, styles, designs, drawings, writting or even a personal video.

Instagram: @corpickstore

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