Thursday, May 2, 2013

(Review)Timeless Truth Instantenous Brightening Cooling Mask

Finally,I have time to apply my cooling mask
 Thank you TT Mask Malaysia & Plus Size Kitten for giving me a chance to join the biggest reviewing mask party❤
Malaysia is super hot and it is summer all day
So TT cooling mask saves my day:)
Benefits of the mask : Cooling, Moisturizing, Smoothens Skin, Whitening
The Reason you must try out this mask:
 1.The ingredients
-Hyaluronic Acid (which is same with my favourite hada labo toner)
-Olive oil (Don't worry about it this mask not oily at all but I do think olive oil is good for our skin)
-Menthol (Cooling effects)
2.The manufacturer is from Kaoshiong,Taiwan
Taiwan produces a lot good quality masks and beauty products and products
So I have high confidence in Taiwan beauty product
3.The mask has generous amount of serum
There are many serum and the mask is soaked in the serum
The extra serum was applied on my neck and hand
 4. Material of the mask
Wood Pulp Cloth fits my skin nicely
5.Smell of the mask
The smell is so comfort and I love it 
To have better cooling effect you can put your mask into fridge 
And if you interested to try this mask please visit TT Mask Websites
It is only RM8 each
Follow my instagram: eriolloh
My naked face after apply the mask
I get more chance to review and have more Malaysian beauty blog to read there
Let join them:)

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