Monday, May 20, 2013

French cuisine by UUM hospitality student

Monday menu is French cuisine
So I ask my dear coursemate Chew Yee book a table 
Then we skip our not-so-important class to go there for our low cost Fine Dining
***low cost mean no wine
Met some law students also have their lunch there 
But never met any of them in any malay food stall
Do you know how to eat using the knives and forks?
Google it haha fastest easiest way to learn
Nah!!!!here is the Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining
The very simple is you have to use from the outside in
Also they will help to put the napkin on ur knees
 Menu of the day
I don't want cordial I want wine lah arrgh
Sorry for acting like a child
 My favourite bread with butter serve before appetizer
You have cubit it into small piece and apply butter on it 
 Appetizer of the day
Shrimp & Cucumber Salad
I love the combination of cucumber,mayo and black pepper 
Make me feel refreshing
But the shrimp are so dry maybe it is not fresh 
Overall i love it
Well I finish it in a second
Soup of the day 
Minestrone Soup
Similar to kimgary's vege soup 
But they have stonger herbal smell and inside also have some pasta and nuts 
Love it:)
 Main Course
(Serve with paste sause & crusted chicken breast)
I hate chicken breast but they make it like a nugget and it is so crunchy 
I think my roomate Valerie will love it 
haha she love chicken breast a lot
And the pasta I think it is very dry and the sause is not tasty
So just ignored the pasta haha my crusted chicken breast is so yummy
Choux Swan Chantilly
(Served with creme anglaise & strawberry sause)
OMG I love this❤
It look like a couple swan and sweet and today is 520 lover day
But I am here with my coursemate yerrh haha We are not lesbian lah
You have no idea how much I love cream puff & strawberry
I think every girl love dessert maybe 
 A black coffee end my lunch
actually It is just kopi o in malaysia way
 This is for the law students I mentioned just now
Forget to take their photo
*suan le bah*
They give a good service
Proud of UUM hospitality students
They do serve us well

Guess how much do I pay for it?

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