Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My haul in Hermo

 It's is March:) Please be good to me!!!!!
I did a small haul on beauty products.Next time maybe I will write my other haul on other online website. I did shopping often recently but I don't have enough time to record all of them.
I choose to shopping in Hermo because I saw some taiwan brand beauty products that is in my wishlist for quite a long time. I think most of you must be familiar with Hermo. I have high confidence to Hermo after see their good comment from many of the buyer.
Somemore remember my christmas granted by Santa Hermo last year and I received a parcel from Santa Hermo and I am satisfied with the present they gave me which actually imported from Korea & Taiwan.
This is a different box from the Christmas version but still I love it :) It is in purple and it is rectangular shape. 
Btw there is free shipping if you buy any 2 items and above. Great to save on shipping fees.
Guess what I brought?
I brought a sleeping masks from Naruko, a cleansing masks from Dr. Douxi and a feet mask from Beauty Q.
During my internship, I actually stay with Vanky and I saw the effects of the feet mask after she use it. I want to have a baby skin feet and I feel syok with the effects of the foot mask. My dead skin removed in one layer after 5-7 days and it is still on-the-way to baby skin. It is super effective. Like me super super super don't like my skin be touch by any stranger, it is a alternative way to clean your feet instead to do a pedicure.The price is about RM29 and I think is cheaper than go for a pedicure but if you like nail art you may choose to go for a pedicure:) However, the smell of alcohol is super strong and there is no peach smell at all. I hope it have a refreshing peach smell but in facts the smell of alcohol is so strong. A little advice to you all just don't smell it. Another things to be reminded is if your skin have wound please don't use it you may get sensitive with the alcohol or should I say it acid.  
1.Clean your feet
2.Open it and put your feet inside the plastic with acid.
3. Wear a socks so you can walk.
4.Leave it for 60-90 minutes.
5. Clean your feet with water
6.Wait 5-7days so your dead skin will remove from your feet to have a baby skin.
 NARUKO Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Night Gelly
I ordered Rose & Snow Fungus Sleeping mask but what I get is this Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Night Gelly. I dunno why. The only reason I think is there is no more rose & snow fungus and the package change into rose & botanic sleeping masks. There are a few taiwan bloggers did share about this new pink bottle rose & botanic series. 
I  finished one Rose & Snow Fungus Sleeping mask and I brought it from Watson. The smell,the texture and the effects is great, so I have confidence on Naruko products and decided to buy this second bottles after I finished my first bottles. Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic is still great, the smell is light and refreshing rose smell and the moisturizes effects still great. The price is RM39.
Dr.Douxi Cleansing Glacial Clay 灰晶灵淨化焕肤冰河泥
The third mask I brought is a deep cleansing mask. I don't use scrub but I want to deep clean my skin. I think deep cleansing mask is a better choice. The smell is light and the colour is in grey since it is a clay mask. My skin feel clean after using it. But I  have to use a moisturizer after using Dr.Douxi mask because I worry my skin will get dry using a deep cleansing mask. The price is RM42.
I am consider cleansing mask between Dr. Douxi and Bonanza. But Dr. Douxi is cheaper and I heard a lot of great comment about Dr.Douxi mask so I decided to give a try on Dr.Douxi mask before I brought a Bonanza mask. But Bonanza mask is in my wishlist too gonna buy it when I have more $$$.
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Appreciate your support and I hope you all will enjoy my sharing:)

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