Saturday, March 29, 2014

(Review) Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

It's April soon!!!!!
Please be good to me~Pray super hard
I really need some good luck~
Life is hectic since I started work but I am sure I can handle my pressure well
Gambateh to myself:)
By the way, I gonna review this lovely Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme.
Natta Cosme had become one of my favourite online beauty shop.
I can get anything I want without go oversea such as this products from Miss Hana
Miss Hana is one of the favourite cosmetics brand from Taiwan
If you read taiwan blog, I am sure you had heard about Miss Hana.
Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
It's based on waterproof, oil, concentrated color three demands:
Extreme color, beyond the shortcomings of poor market Eyeliner Pen hair color, evenly colored and achieve color full excellent natural lines to create three-dimensional deep eyes!
Gelatinous texture characteristics of the ◎ plastic pen type, stroke smooth, the texture of moderate hardness, ductility, pen design easy to use easy to draw. Perfect to fill the liner at the accurate fast draw a variety of eye type, make the eyes more attractive.
Extremely waterproof removable --- a long time anti-sweat, anti-tears, oil, and maintain a whole day without smudges. Even dim Dan atheistic eyes can easily outline the eagle electric eye or deep cat eye makeup, can easily have, and become the focus of public attention!
I get 01-Night Black  x 03 Choco Brown
I think these two is the basic colours all girls must have it
It is suitable for outing with friends,dating with boyfriend or going party
You just have to change different ways to have a different look
So I gonna try this on me without any colour lens so you can see clearly the effects of it.
This is different from usual eyeliner 
It is gel based the texture of the eyeliner is soft and will not hurt your eyes even you are using it for first time
And the colour is excellent and it sure can make your eyes look bigger and nice
The third strength is it is super waterproof 
I will show you more with a simple experiment
 01 Night Black
I will start with a simple daily look with black colour eyeliner
It is easy to use you just have to draw a tiny line which hide under your end of eyelashes and end it with a little upward line
This will make you look natural and your eyes will instant look energetic and big
03 Choco Brown
Next, I will have a night outing look with brown eyeliner
I will draw a thicker line on my eyelids and end it with a downward line
This make my eyes look huge and highlight my whole face
If you don't want to apply eyeshadow and this is one of the good way to use this gel eyeliner because it can easily create a thick line in a second and the colour is excellent to make my eyes deep
Wow,I am really impressed by the waterproof effects.
Water flow but they remain the same after long time
I am sure girl must love this you don't want to look like a panda if you crying when outing or sweating under hot weather
Although it is hard to removed by water, it is easily removed by makeup removal which is another strength of this eyeliner
It is also easily removed by hard rub also but I don't recommend to rub your eyes hard since the skin around eyes is super weak
I am in love with Miss Hana❤
Good news for all my readers
 Apply discount coupon: "MISSHANA" entitle to get RM5 offer when
purchase any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner, this coupon
expiry date will be on May 15th, 2014.
Natta Cosme
Natta Cosme Instagram:

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