Friday, September 20, 2013

(Review) Lanopearl Refining & Exfoliating Scrub

This is my favourite recently.
It help to revive dull, lackluster skin with the gentle and refining scrub.
The tiny oatmeal beads polish away dead flakes and impurities to return natural shine.
The honey of the scrub help the nourishes and rehydrates
While Aloe extract soothes and softens skin.
Horsetail and Green Tea extracts provide antioxidant protection for essential skin vitality.
 I have to message my wet face with the scrub and clean it with water then.
But, I do concentrate on forehead,sides of nose and chin.
And do avoid the eyes area because the skin of eyes is weak
(***if you don't want wrinkle in young age)
I only use this once a week to polish my skin.
 This is 150ml and it is not tested on Animals.
Good to know this since I am a animal lover although I don't have a pet yet.
It is cruel to test on animal.
The ingredient of the scrub is natural with
 tiny oatmeal beads,honey,aloe extract and green tea extract.
It had a light honey and oatmeal smell which is comfortable.
 The texture is thick but the the oatmeal beads is tiny and don't hurt my skin.
My skin get smooth after using this scrub.
Lanopearl from Australia is now available in Hishop.
Now it is on sale with 40% discount which original price is RM69 and reduce to RM41.40.

Rate: 4/5 
I love the smell and the texture of the scrub.
 My skin become smooth and fair after using this.
 And my skin also become moisture and not dry like using the others scrub.

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