Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unboxing Vanity Trove July 2013 Edition; Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE

I been waiting this parcel since end of June.
Finally, i got my parcel yesterday.
I feel so excited to open my very first beauty box.
I always want to try out beauty box but I never really make any payment to get myself one.
But last month I saw some blogger sharing about this July beauty box is about KOSE.
I really excited while waiting my KOSE beauty box.
I saw this banner before I make my payment. 
Haiz!!!!Online banking is a hate because I can shopping without outing. I thought I can save more during holiday but I still spending in HOME!!!!
Niu-Er is the KOSE ambassador & Taiwanese Famous Beauty Guru.
He has the best and fair skin compared to Malaysia male.( Sorry I am out of topic again==)
Vanity Trove beauty box is covered with KOSE. Vanity Trove crossover KOSE is ❤.
This beauty box is quite thick good enough to protect anything inside.
KOSE Forever radiant. Forever you.
 Tadaah!!!!Full of KOSE travel sample and a coupon with Niu-Er photo. :)
They send me a full travel size sample include some unknown brand sample.
 I like the purple paper cover the surprises inside the box.
 I think all this is anti-aging vs whitening products. Maybe?
 A closer and clearer shoot on all the products.
This include two small KOSE Eye Jelly, Clear up Wash, Cleasing Gel, Adcance Serum II, Essence Lotion II, Deep Production UV SPF50++++. 
They also send me a unknown brand sample and Jean Paul Eau De Tolitte(1ml).
Inside the box also include this cute coupon Free Trendy Pouch and Skin Consultation & Analysis with any purchase of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance items.

What do I think about this beauty box?
Since I am only pay RM50 for this box include postage I don't expect any full size products of KOSE because KOSE products seems expensive. I am quite satisfy with the travel size sample I can try out before I make any purchase. However, what dissapointed me is they don't give any info about the sample. I really dunno what is the functions and the prices of products. 

Do you think I will repurchased beauty box?
No!No!No! I don't think I will waste my money on beauty box anymore. Enough for the surprises. I should have control myself from buying this kind of want not need things. 

If you are interested to subscribe Vanity Trove Beauty box, please visit for details. 
And also follow their Facebook page, Follow them for more new info.

Disclaimer: This beauty box brought by myself and anything I said just my own opinion.

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