Sunday, June 29, 2014

(Review) Eat well,Live well with TruDtox

It is important for our body to have a natural detoxification system. Extra toxins in our body will effect our health and skin(especially for girls) When the liver is unable to cope with the excess amount of toxins, they are re-circulated back into our body systems via the lymphatic and blood circulation. These toxins accumulate in our body will remain stored for years lead to all kinds of health problems. We often feels headaches, tiredness, sluggishness and all kinds of pains.
 A regular detoxification routine is recommended to flush out waste & toxins before they start to accumulate to unhealthy levels.I think I had accumulate high levels of toxins because I often headaches, tired and pains here pains there. How to detox your liver and colon? TruDtox is a simple way to detox our toxins. It is a multi award-winning detox tea since 2007 and it is made by high quality herbs and floras. We can drink 2-3 times a weeks or when you needed. It is very easy by brew the tea bag in a cup of hot water for 20-30 minutes before drinking. However,this detox tea is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

TruDtox is formulated by a Swiss nutraceutical company and is rigorously tested, approved
and qualified.
TruDtox is made of European Herbs and is certified as food by the Ministry of Health.
Does not contain harsh laxatives (eg: Senna) and offers gentle cleansing.
Safe to be taken regularly without resulting in bowel dependency.
100% natural & organic herbs, floras and teas.
Contains no artificial colouring, bulking agents, pesticides, or caffeine.
How long does it take for TruDtox to work?
Within the first hour of consumption, you will tend to urinate more often. After 5 – 10 hours, some may feel a minor urge of bowel movement. It may take longer hours for others.
You can choose to take it before you sleep or after you wake up. With TruDtox, you can roughly plan when you want to visit the toilet.

I never try any detox tea before, but some of my friends had tried different type of detox tea or drinks. This detox tea taste similar to normal tea with some smell of herbs. The smell and taste is accepted and do not taste weird like other detox drinks. If you prefer a light taste you may put more hot water. I recommend this to my sister and mom too and they also feel not bad about this.Sharing is caring. I only drink during weekend because it is more convenient to detox in home than in workplace. After using it, my stomach went flatter and i feel healthy:) Feel like all my toxins gone for good! It works gently and doesn't cause bowel dependency.

Trudtox retails at RM29.50 for a pack of 5 teabags and RM88.50 for a pack of 15+2 teabags.
TruDtox is available in most leading pharmacies such as Caring, Watsons, Guardian, Alpha, Alpro,
Healthlane, Vitacare etc as well as independence pharmacies nationwide.

If you interested to know more about TruDtox,please visits their website
TruDtox is also available online in, and

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