Friday, January 3, 2014

The person that I most grateful in my life+Digi Sale

The person that I most grateful in life is my dad
He is a person who rarely talk to us and communicate with us. But he always work so hard to take care our family. Although we are not rich but our home is the most comfortable place in the world that my dad gave us. He never brought me luxury but he always be the one who willing to spend time to support me when I need him. He give me high education and what he taught us is we have to work hard to get whatever we really want it. We will never get anything free if we are lazy. I really appreciate the way he and my mom teach me.

Like Digi want to say Thank you to all the supportive customers I want to say Thank you to my parent especially my dad:)
HOHOHO It is the most exciting time of the year again! We’ve been looking forward to the joyful month of gifting andddddddd it’s finally here!
This time, if you think that Year End Sales is just about shop, shop and shop till you drop, think again!!
All thanks to our thoughtful DiGizens (DiGi staffs), they know that you’ve been working hard throughout the year. *pats on shoulder* Hence, they would like to reward EVERYONE by having the Biggest Year-Endpromotion yet! This time, with DiGi awesome offers and plans, you get to reward yourselves and your loved ones with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets,FREE internet and FREE calls! Tell me, who doesn’t love free stuff?!
 With DiGi Thank You Sale, you can reward yourself with a Sony Xperia C for RM999 FREE!!

Or even a Sony Xperia Z for RM2,199 FREE!!
DiGi’s Thank You gesture will provide customers with many free Internet For All deals from now while stocks last, through the following customised offerings:
  • Available with DG Smart Plans:
    • Free Smartphones when customers sign-up for DG Smart Plan 88 and 148, applicable for a slew of Android smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II, HTC One, Sony Xperia C & Z, and more.
    • Free Internet when customers purchase RM25 internet quota top-ups, and get 2GB instead of the usual 1GB.
    • Free Calls equivalent to 300 minutes more when customers sign-up for DG Smart Plan 88.
    • Free 1,000 Bonuslink points for sign-ups of any DG Smart Plan, applicable for the first 2,000 customers.
    • Free Unlimited Skype calls to 63 countries for 30 days.
    • Free 1 month Tablet Plan with any DG Postpaid plan subscription.
    • Customers can also enjoy the following deals without a contract: a free Android Start tablet with the new DiGi Tablet Plan at only RM45 per month, and a free modemwhen signing-up for a DiGi broadband bundle.
To enjoy amazing deals from the DiGizens Thank You Sale, visit DiGi Thank You Sale website.

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